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Marc-Peter Spahn is an international caliber rider and trainer who is well known for his love for Friesian horses and competing with them at the highest levels, including Grand Prix.  At an early age, Marc-Peter fell in love with horses and rode his first Prix St. Georges test at 18 years old.  Once he was introduced to the Friesian horse, it led him to become a fan of the horses’ character and work ethic.  Marc-Peter is the former owner of Anders 451 (Elite Sport), who was sold in 2013 to a new owner in South Africa.  Anders 451 was approved in the spring of 2009 for breeding based on the short test for sports performance.  The highlight of Anders' career was his participation with Chere Burger at the World Equestrian Games in Caen, where he was the first Friesian ever appeared on a world championship stage.

Currently, Peter is Performing and Showing Elias 494 (Elite Sport) at the highest level. This KFPS studbook, breeding stallion is Peters 7th Grand Prix horse and has everything in him to win all the shows and championships till now.

With mostly scores over the 70 %, they are together at this time a real eye-catcher. 

Notably, Marc-Peter’s leadership over seven years in the Fryso Huys project made significant progress in introducing Friesian horses to the upper levels of international dressage competition.  As a result, a large group of dressage riders are now competing at a higher level on Friesian horses.

Besides training and competing at the international level, Marc-Peter is a familiar sight at the annual KFPS Stallion show in Leeuwarden, often conducting clinics and performing demonstration rides. 

Marc-Peter was born in Aachen, Germany.  He and his partner, Ykje Baron, operate out of Stal Baron Spahn in Niebert, located in Groningen province of the Netherlands.


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